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New Destinations - LIBYA
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LIBYA. Two itineraries: 6 days Architectural Trip, 10 days Exploring the Desert

Most of us were surprised to hear a few years back the cry 'Libya has re-opened for business!' For lovers of travel, ancient and more recent art, this news was indeed great news. However, still now, only a small number of reliable travel companies offer tours to Libya.

Equinox Travel's two itineraries offer on the one hand a good deal of sightseeing, including the famous sites of Lepcis Magna, Sabratha, Oea, and on the other hand desert travel and exploration to remote areas of the ancient land of the Garamantes (Roman name for the inhabitants of this desert region).

Libya's topography is as low-lying and almost entirely sandy nowadays as it was at the height of the Roman Empire. It consisted in the same stretch of North-African coast between the Gulf of Sidra (ancient Syrtis Major) and the Gulf of Gabes (ancient Syrtis Minor), where only three cities flourished, each at the end of a long trading (caravan) route:  Lepcis Magna, Tripoli (ancient Oea) and Sabratha.

In Tripoli, the nation's capital, the tours offer visits to a number of museums, but there are many good museums and archives to be visited on one's free time as well. The museums include the Government Library, the Ethnographic Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the National Archives, the Epigraphy Museum and the Islamic Museum. The Jamahiriya Museum, built in consultation with UNESCO, may be the country's most famous. It houses one of the finest collections of classical art in the Mediterranean.

Lepcis Magna or Leptis Magna, near the modern-day city of Al Khums, is one of the best preserved ancient cities in the world. The city began as a Phoenician trading post around 1000 BC and later became part of the Roman province of Africa Proconsularis. Septimius Severus, who later become Roman emperor (193-211 A.D.), was born in Lepcis Magna and made it into one the most beautiful cities of the Roman Empire.

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Travel information
Official Name: Jamahirya. Name 'Libya' comes from the Egyptian 'Libu', and Greek 'Lybia', but actually given to the country in 1934 by the Italians.
Capital: Tripoli
Best Time to Travel: Libya is a desert country. Travel during the period of October to May, when daytime temperatures are not too high. Avoid June to September (temperatures rise to 38C (100F) & the Ghibli sandstorms from the south).
Inoculations are recommended for Tetanus, Hepatitis A, Polio, Typhoid. None of the above are obligatory for entry in Iran.
The Currency is the Lybian Dinar LD.
Bottled mineral water is available throughout the country and you are advised to drink this.
Population is approximately 5.6 million people. Mainly urban (87%)
Ethnic groups: Berber and Arab 97%
Religions: Sunni Muslim 97%
Language: Arabic


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