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TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Friday, 16 June 2006


No contract shall exist between EQUINOX TRAVEL LIMITED (hereinafter called EQUINOX) and any of it's clients until the Company has received its booking form, properly completed, together with the appropriate payment and has signified its acceptance of the booking in writing.

In order to book, please fill in the attached booking form and send it, together with a deposit cheque for 200 to EQUINOX TRAVEL, at the address listed below. For bookings made within 56 days of departure, full payment must be sent with the booking form.

All cheques are to be made payable to EQUINOX TRAVEL LIMITED.

On receipt of your booking we will send you confirmation of the same by return. Once the booking is confirmed the deposit is non refundable except in the circumstances listed below. A final invoice will be sent to you eight weeks before departure. Payment of the balance should be made within ten days of the date on the invoice. Your booking may otherwise be treated as cancelled. Your tickets and departure information will be sent to you two weeks before the departure date.

If you wish to alter any detail of your booking after we have confirmed your original arrangements we shall do our utmost to accommodate the changes. There will be an alteration charge of 20 per person to cover administrative costs. Any alteration of a substantial nature made within 56 days of departure will be treated as a cancellation of the original travel arrangements and subject to the cancellation charges set out below.


Should you wish to cancel your holiday, written notification should be made to EQUINOX as soon as possible. The scale of cancellation charges detailed is calculated according to the number of days prior to the departure date that written notice of cancellation is received by us.

More than 42 days…………………........Deposit only
29-42 days…………………...................30% of the final invoice
15-28 days…………………...................50% of the final invoice
7-14 days………………….....................70% of the final invoice
6 days or less…………………...............100% of the final invoice


We may be obliged to cancel your holiday by reason of Force Majeure (war, threat of war, civil disturbance, strikes, natural disasters, terrorist activities or threat of such, closure of airports or ports, or cancellation of international or domestic air services).

In such cases we will advise you as soon as is possible and will make a full refund of all monies paid, less reasonable expenses. We cannot however, be under any other liability to you in such circumstances. For Group Tours, EQUINOX reserves the right to cancel the tour if the minimum number of persons required to operate the tour is not met. In such an event all deposits and other monies paid to EQUINOX will be returned. EQUINOX tries never to cancel your holiday but must reserve the right to do so. If you fail to pay the balance of your holiday price at least four weeks before departure, EQUINOX will treat your booking as cancelled and levy cancellation charges as set out in the above paragraph (2a).


acknowledges responsibility for the current description of all services offered in the accompanying documentation and for the careful preparation of all travel arrangements. Travel arrangements are made and tickets and vouchers are issued subject to carriers' and other applicable conditions. Carriers conditions of carriage may be inspected at the carrier's office on demand. Claims must be made in writing and not later than 28 days after termination of travel.

EQUINOX cannot be held responsible for the actions and omissions of those involved in your holiday over whom we have no direct control such as employees of airlines, hotels, transportation contractors and guides. Suppliers of all form of transport, accommodation and any other component parts of your holiday will impose their own terms and conditions of trading which will apply to your relationship with them.

EQUINOX will not be liable for clients missing flights as a result of late check-ins or other forms of transportation and no refund will be given. EQUINOX will assist you in trying to arrange alternative transportation should you miss any flight / journey but reserves the right to recover from you any costs incurred on your part in making such arrangements.


All prices quoted by ourselves are based upon costs as at the time of print and currency exchange rates to the Pound Sterling as shown in the Financial Times World Values of the Pound at the relevant date. Fares and other information are correct at the time of print. Fares are subject to increase, due to airfare increases and currency fluctuations up to 30 days before departure. No increase will be imposed within 30 days of departure. Additionally, fares and costs of tours are guaranteed once EQUINOX has received full payment.


Passengers must be in possession of a valid Passport - expiring not before 6 months after return - with necessary visas. EQUINOX will process all visas for all clients, on request, for a small service charge over the cost of the visa itself. A list of current charges is available. Passports after visa processing will be returned to you either by hand, or by registered mail.


Passengers breaking their journey at any time for more than 72 hours must reconfirm their onward/return flight at the appropriate airline office. Failure to do so may result in the seat being vacated and the ticket becoming invalid.


It is your responsibility to insure you obtain all recommended inoculations, medication and that you follow medical advice pertaining to your holiday. You must notify us should you have any medical condition which may affect your ability to partake in, or enjoy your holiday arrangements booked through us.


Beyond thirty weeks of pregnancy expectant mothers must hold a doctor's certificate declaring that it is safe for them to travel and certifying that they are not beyond 33 weeks of pregnancy.


It is your responsibility to arrange comprehensive insurance cover for your holidays. If you decide not to take our recommended insurance, you must provide us with details of equivalent or better cover, which must be taken out for yourself, and all numbers of your party.


Luggage allowance on scheduled airlines is normally 20 KGs if travelling in economy class.






 Equinox Travel, 54 - 58, Bolsover Street, London, W1W 5NQ, UK; Tel: +44 (0) 207 380 0050; Fax: +44 (0) 20 7375 1538; email: EQUINOX TRAVEL © 2011 
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